And so it begins…

Small Town Problems: Book 2 Chapter 1 -Part 2/2

Need to catch up on previous installments first? Click here to go back to the main story page. “Robert!” He grumbled for a moment and I saw his hand clench and release. “I think I’m more confused now. How am I supposed to impress them when I have no accomplishments?” “There are often things moreContinue reading “Small Town Problems: Book 2 Chapter 1 -Part 2/2”


I Won a Contest!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Good people of the internet! I entered a contest for a flash fiction story (250 words) and they liked mine! So cool! This my first piece of fiction for anyone else to publish! I’m stoked! So go check out my story, “Live to Work, Work to Live”, at the link below!Continue reading “I Won a Contest!”

New Poem – What’s Needed

Here’s another poem for you. A bit of a different style this time, not that I think I have any particular style I like to call my own or my go-to. I hope you enjoy What’s Needed.


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