Nevada Gold

Seals upon our boat did bathe
Such serene a time for them
Though barks drove sailors mad
‘Fore thrust off by the wake

Through the Sound and under bridge
Out to sea and ‘neath the waves
By pods of whale and over mounts
Destined to roam our solemn square

But once did we set across the seas
To prove our boat worthy of her call
Our new captain, the helm he took
The crew readied, trials laid in wait

Up north to icy pools, not a sound did they hear
To the Cali coast, our torpedoes fired true
Pulled through Panama by train and rope
The Caribbean welcomed us to waters new

The Peach State gave some rest and others test
A missile tracked by Cape, then off to home were sent
The Amazon reached to greet our topside barbecue
The Drake sought to show us nature's power

A second Shellback made Neptune cast his gaze
Tales of rum boasted as Dolphins newly danced upon our chests
Many stations qualified, many coats of paint applied
Under bridge and through the Sound to dock at home again

**This poem may be a bit cryptic for some due to the terms used. It is based on my time in the Navy, but I hope you’ll look up terms or ask for clarification if you need to.**


One thought on “Nevada Gold

  1. I loved it son. I’m happy to see you documented something from your past that had made you a true part of history. I’ve seen those seals and that magnificent boat so it took me back there with you. We were so proud of you then and even more proud today of the man you’ve become. Much love and thank you for your service to our great country.

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