Cast upon the golden sand
Ship strewn out along the land
Jungle ahead and sea behind
Wishing for the power to rewind

Eyes glowed ‘tween the trees
Ghostly images dance the breeze
Rumors of power pressed me in
Reality of fear cause my head to spin

Trees bent down and bush rose up
Seeking to crush my spirit and drain my cup
But overflowing with life and purpose
I shout and bring them to my service

On their roots now I ride
To the secret hidden inside
The eyes still around to see
If they will make a fool of me

Disembarking with pride renewed
The plants with awe exude
The chest opens and I am blind
I wake not knowing what’s in my mind

What was the dream to teach
Was meaning beyond my reach
Be not afraid, claim victory do not botch
When little eyes are there to watch

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