It’s Never Too Late – Podcast Interview!

I know, I know, who would want to talk to me? But it’s about writing, so I think I’ve shown I know a thing or two and have a passion for it!

Megha Upadhyaya (@Young_blackbird on Twitter) invited me on to her fantastic podcast, It’s Never Too Late, to discuss some of the ins and outs of being a new writer. We talked about inspirations, current works, and future dreams.

Megha is a very pleasant and upbeat host and I had a blast! I would highly recommend you check this episode out and then take a look at her back-catalog where she has interviewed other writers and creatives from different industries at various points in their careers.

Now on to the show!
Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast options below:


One thought on “It’s Never Too Late – Podcast Interview!

  1. Chris is my son and I’m so proud of him for pursuing his passion for writing. I wish him every success! And you did a great interview with him. Both of you are very well spoken and interesting to listen to.


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