Going Home

A newly minted knight rides home for brief respite after completing his training. Little does he know that his first adventure awaits him just down the road.

Part 1 coming September 28th!

Going Home: Part 1/2

The blade missed taking my arm by a hair, which allowed me to close the gap and strike him through the side. My opponent grabbed me by the neck and whispered into my ear, “Now that was art.” I narrowly won the match against Sir Carter. I had beaten him a week prior, but his…

Part 2 coming October 5th!

Going Home: Part 2/2

“My lady…” she ticked her tongue to scold me, “Apologies. Sarah, may I ask where you were traveling from?” “Well, Sir Alexander…” It was my turn to tick my tongue. “Apologies. Alexander, I was returning from a hunting expedition. My brothers stayed behind as they were certain to be on the trail of the white…


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