Domus Prime:

Final Note


About the Authors

“Is this the ending then?”

“No child, it is only the beginning.”

Well, this is the end of Book One of the Domus Prime novel. So much has happened since the beginning. So very much.

And the novel was so much fun to write, which is why this is only Book One. There is to be a Book Two soon enough, and no doubt others will follow. Because we all have such a fantastic time writing it that I doubt any of us could give it up for good. I mean, sure, there were times when we all just wanted to scream out, “Devron, you *^#%!*@^#&!%# little ^*@$!%, either you delete that ^!$@*$^ piece of &@%! right there or I’ll rip your ^!@$#*% heart out!”, but in truth that never happened.

I don’t really have anything to say here, other than I hope you enjoyed reading the second edition of the novel as much as I loved putting it together. It’s been great guys.

May the Force be with you all and may the light from the triple moons shine brightly in your soul.

– Catherine

1st May 2001

About the Authors

“But I’d love to know who to blame.”

Originally, I had planned to write here about the people who put together the novel. But, considering the fact that it is all written online, I think all involved would prefer to remain anonymous. So, you won’t find out here the truth about how old the Riddler is, or how beautiful Catherine is, instead this is simply a list of the people who have written to these chapters of the Domus Prime novel.

However, if you do have burning questions about the authors of the Domus Prime novel, they will probably answer them if you ask. All can be found and contacted at Watto’s Junkyard (, where the novel can still be found in its original form. *Jester’s note: the website is no longer functioning and the remaining story cannot be found at this time*

The Authors


Sailor Coruscant – Catherine

The Riddler

Devron Zal


Ace Azzameen

Joe Fleet

Jester’s Notes: If you would like any additional information, some of these amazing people also set up a Wiki: Domus Prime Wiki.


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