About the Author

Hello dear reader!

My name is Chris, but some of you may know me better through my online moniker, The Jester. I’ve been writing creatively on and off again since I was a teenager. Broadly, I write genre fiction. If you want to delve deeper than that, I have works that are in sci-fi, paranormal, slice-of-life, historical fiction, and poetry. I grew up reading Jack London, so bringing those adventure elements into my stories is also something I strive to do. There may be other genres in the future and there may be mis-categorized works now.

My first major foray into writing for an audience was via a forum on a website called Watto’s Junkyard. It was a Star Wars fan-site that was home to a piece of work we termed the “Domus Prime Saga“. It was a multi-author project Star Wars / Sailor Moon fan-fic crossover that was a whole lot of fun and it introduced me to some other writers that really helped shape how I write today.

The “Domus Prime Saga” wet my beak and sparked a desire to write my own book. It’s changed quite a bit from it’s humble beginnings, but I continued to add bits and pieces to it over the years and I recently started back in on it in earnest. One of the methods I ran across, to help improve your overall writing, was that you should write short stories. I’ve been informally working with beta-readers and editors to help me improve these works. What I’ve written so far has been with the intent to submit to various contest, so that when I do publish my book, I’ll hopefully have some accolades in my portfolio.

As those stories are given back to me, I’ll publish them here. Once I get them back, I hope I can get more feedback, but I’d also like to see what stories people would like to see continued in some fashion. So, from time to time, I’ll put up a poll on Twitter to see if anyone would like to see anything in particular continued.

Beyond my writing history: I enlisted in the US Navy right after high school and was a Nuclear Machinist Mate. I was in for just over five years and got out in 2006. I’ve also traveled all over the US and I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Italy, and England. The experiences in the Navy and traveling have given me an expanded worldview and understanding of different cultures. So that, coupled with being married with two kids, have really matured my writing style. I know that some of the concepts I wanted to cover back in high school I could not do justice to, because they were things I had never experienced.

In any case, I’m glad that you’ve found me and I hope I can bring some joy into your life.

Notable accolades:
A Muse Bouche Review October 2020 Flash Fiction Contest Winner


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