Come upon the pale face sun
Light dances with hues unknown
Dare to question its subtle flicker
Dare to join its warm embrace

Give a shout to the whaling moon
A brief reflection of the brighter one
Ask to understand its shifting phases
Ask to share its unbound noise

Lay beneath the starry blanket
Their beams blink in and out of existence
Will the sun and moon hide themselves?
Will the sun and moon dance among them?

3 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. You know your mother has written a little poetry in her day. I like your poem but want to understand what was affecting you at the time you wrote it to gain a deeper understanding.


    1. Where do you think I get it from?
      I just had the phrase “pale face sun” pop into my head out of the blue and I really liked the sound of it. I let it soak for a bit and kept leaning towards bringing in more stellar objects. And of course sun made me think of son, so it just kind of flowed from there. It highlights the differences of each child and hints at some hopes and fears that I have for them.


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