Going Home – New Short Story

Today, I have a new short story for you! I originally submitted this for a 4k word short story contest, but it didn’t make it in. Due to the length, I will be dividing this into two parts for ease of reading. This story is going to be my future novella/novel (not sure which oneContinue reading “Going Home – New Short Story”

It’s Never Too Late – Podcast Interview!

I know, I know, who would want to talk to me? But it’s about writing, so I think I’ve shown I know a thing or two and have a passion for it! Megha Upadhyana (@Young_blackbird on Twitter) invited me on to her fantastic podcast, It’s Never Too Late, to discuss some of the ins andContinue reading “It’s Never Too Late – Podcast Interview!”


This is a follow up to a previous blog, Where is it Going? I have much better idea where I’m taking things, so in an effort to bring about needed changes, I have created a new Book section. Not only will I be relocating Small Town Problems to this new section, but it has beenContinue reading “Reorganizing”

Where’s it going?

I’ve been pondering a lot about what my goal is with Small Town Problems. This is the first major story I’m putting out for the public and I’d really like to get a completed work under my belt and jump on to other projects. I’m thinking that it should be a novella based on theContinue reading “Where’s it going?”