Outside Publishing

I am officially published elsewhere on the internet and beyond! As these come up, I will post links to those sites so that you may enjoy them as much as I do. Here’s hoping it’s the first step of a long journey!

First published short story!

I’m not sure how I missed posting this, but October of 2020 I entered another writing contest. And while I did not win, I was asked to include my entry into their Best of 2020 Short Story Collection, to which I eagerly agreed. It’s a sizeable book and has a large collection of great short…

I Won a Contest!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Good people of the internet! I entered a contest for a flash fiction story (250 words) and they liked mine! So cool! This my first piece of fiction for anyone else to publish! I’m stoked! So go check out my story, “Live to Work, Work to Live”, at the link below!…

I also had an interview with the amazing Megha Upadhyaya on her Podcast, “It’s Never Too Late”. I would highly recommend checking out her other interviews!

It’s Never Too Late – Podcast Interview!

I know, I know, who would want to talk to me? But it’s about writing, so I think I’ve shown I know a thing or two and have a passion for it! Megha Upadhyaya (@Young_blackbird on Twitter) invited me on to her fantastic podcast, It’s Never Too Late, to discuss some of the ins and…


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