Small Town Problems

Robert just wanted a normal Thursday morning, but things can take a quick turn when you find a dead alien next to your barn.

You can scroll down further to read chapter 1 as a preview chapter before you purchase the entire novella, link below.

This is the current story I am working on. My plan is to post two chapters (with half posted each week) followed by a break before the next addition, so feel free to subscribe to my blog if you’d like to get notifications for each entry. If you have any feedback or advice, I would love to hear it!
**UPDATE 10/9/20**
I believe this will be a trilogy of novellas / a novel with three parts. Book One (Chapters 1-10) will finish posting November 30th, 2020 and I have started working on Book Two. I have the idea of what I want to happen, but since this is a pantser project, we’ll have to see how well it all pans out! Overall I am really happy with how Book One has turned out and I hope I can continue moving the story forward and expanding on issues that I have already touched on (including a deeper dive into the protagonist).

**UPDATE 12/9/20**
For now this will be a Novel with 3 parts. I think it works better. Currently planning on each part to have 10 chapters.

**UPDATE 11/9/21**
I went ahead and made Part 1, essentially the first Novella, available for purchase as a print or eBook. The link is above, right below the teaser. I will be making only Chapter 1 available for Book One below for now as well. Book 2 will still be available in its entirety until I pull it down to publish.

Book One:

Book Two:


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