Small Town Problems: From Novella to Novel

Yes, you read that correctly! When I wrapped up my first novella project a couple of months ago (with the last part posting last Monday), Small Town Problems, I looked into getting it published. The biggest thing that hit me was that no one is really publishing Sci-Fi novellas. I thought long and hard about what that meant for this story. I really didn’t want to dive back in and figure out how to make the story three times longer as that would just require me to add in a lot of unnecessary fluff and didn’t sound very interesting.

So, did I feel like there were further adventures to tell? In short, yes. I really love these characters that I created and this journey that I put them on. I’m going to try and dive deeper into them as well as expand the role of the antagonist, Agent Diaz, and the organization he works under. I think I have the plot I want to write to for books two and three and we’ll just have to see how that develops over time.

As always, I look forward to your feedback and I hope I can offer an enjoyable experience.

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